The right tenant for the right property

  • 9 years ago
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The perfect tenant?  Someone who is impeccably tidy (OCD possibly), uncomplaining, who has no plans to move and happily accepts large yearly rent increases.  Back to reality, we all know that tenants fall into several categories: students, young professionals, families and housing benefit recipients.  I was amused to read on the weekend that there is now another category embracing the super-rich.  The Van Han Agency in Mayfair says that landlords prefer tenants who are, “similar to them in terms of profile and values” (sic).  This relates to a case of a Kensington mansion that rents out for £20,000 a week.  Yes, that is a week.  You don’t get many of those round these parts.  The owner is in the art world and the tenant is a senior fund manager who were introduced and apparently built an excellent rapport.  Monetary value aside,  this situation has ended well and does raise a valid point.  Potential tenants, likeability acknowledged, must reference well.  There are many people who I would happily sit down and have a drink with who I would not entertain taking on board as a tenant unless they met all the referencing criteria.  I’m an estate agent and sometimes even I wouldn’t rent to me or indeed one of my fellow estate agents.

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