There is no proof…

  • 10 years ago
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It was announced this week by the Metropolitan Police that there is, “no credible evidence”, that the SAS were involved in the death of Princess Diana in the Pont de l’Ama road tunnel in Paris in 1997.  However many times Mohammed Al Fayed and the Daily Express keep printing that elements of the British monarchy (that would be you, Phil The Greek) and/or parties within our country’s security forces were all in on the act, it doesn’t change the outcome of the investigation.  On the subject of media hysteria, this segues with the on-going highly emotional state of certain parts of the press who are adamant that there is a housing bubble in all parts of the country.  If these are to be believed, positive sightings of a gentleman sporting a rather fetching red and white number with his alternative, environmentally-friendly mode of transport would be more credible.  According to research by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, there is, “more mortgage debt in South West London than in the whole of Wales” [sic] Daily Mail Wednesday 18 December 2013.  Areas in South West London including the very smart environs of Wimbledon, Earls field and Clapham have a total mortgage debt of £29.2 billion.  In comparison the whole of Wales has a debt of £28.5 billion.  When evidence shows that there is a greater debt in a few boroughs of London than in an entire country (even if that includes Llanelli, Skewen and The Guernos Estate), then there may well be a housing bubble ballooning in London, but there is, “no credible evidence”, that there is one in Wales – whatever the postcode.

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