Things to consider before buying a home…

  • 12 years ago
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Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement.  Wait!  That house may seem like everything that you have ever wanted, but before you make an offer, take some time to consider a few things as well as the size, style and price.  When buying a house, it is easy to let emotions get in the way of reality, much like life.  I regularly find that buyer excitement brings on a sudden case of amnesia about many facts that will make a difference.  Some times people want something so badly they won’t ask the relevant questions upfront.  There is nothing more frustrating for our vendors than having a purchaser start asking obvious questions 6 weeks into the transaction; (after both parties have spent money on legal fees) and then threatening to pull out of the purchase.

My advice to all potential buyers is to do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions – to both the vendor and yourself- right at the start of the transaction.  In addition, always be prepared to answer any questions the agent may ask you at the start of the transaction.  After 30 years experience I still find couples arguing 6-7 weeks into the transaction when they utter the line, “I told you you should have asked that when we first looked at the house.”

If you are thinking of building an extension or altering the property make your enquiries with the local authority at the start.  You can then establish whether your proposed olympic-size swimming pool will be approved.

It is not the seller’s fault when you establish the day before exchange of contracts that the property cannot be turned into the house of your dreams.

Establish all the facts early on: what you want from the property and what the estate agent needs from you.

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