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From over 30 years experience in the business of selling and letting houses, here at Cheshire & Co we know that clients are interested in one thing only; how we, the agent are going to sell or let their property.

Since 2011 property owners from all over the NP postcode have instructed us to sell their property, ranging from £50,000 to £1,000,000. The reason why we have been so successful is because we always try to provide an exceptional service to our clients regardless of the property value with the use of professional photographs, videos, coloured and 3D floor plans together with close personal contact with the team members.

We do not take property photos with our phone, sign vendors up to expensive marketing packages  nor ask for any money up front. Here at Cheshire & Co we always combine our professional approach and years of experience with the increasing use of modern media via the internet.

If you’d like to sell your property with an agent you can trust – get in touch with us today.

Our Tailored Approach to a Higher Selling Price

We provide professional and honest advice to maximise the selling price for all of our clients. Our intention with every sale is to leave you with more money in your pocket than had you gone with a different agent.

Move at the speed you want

We never rush our valuations. Selling your home is a big deal, and we take time to go through the whole process with you explaining very stage in as much detail as is required by you.

Set a realistic, but high selling price

We discuss with you what your ideal selling price is. This combined with our knowledge of the local area and research into the current market gives us a higher, but achievable asking price. Some agents will price a property at the highest price possible with no thought into the market because that’s what the client wants. The truth is, if a property is priced too high it will turn off potential buyers who won’t even try to negotiate, meaning the house will remain on the market longer and lower offers will begin to come through. The highest prices are always achieved in the first 30 days.

Professional Photography

When you’re looking for a home, the thing that makes you want to know more about a property is the images you see. Photography is one of the most important aspects of listing and marketing a property, and we have experienced and trained property photographers who will style your home to make it more sellable from a still image. Where possible we also have the option of including drone footage to capture your listing from above.

Marketing with Well-Known Property Sites

Rightmove and Zoopla are obviously a main stop for anybody looking for a property. We create tailored adverts for each of our clients listings, and use data and insight for optimisation to achieve a higher number of quality clicks which ultimately convert into viewings.

360 Marketing

We go for absolute maximum exposure of any property that we are responsible for. This includes contacting our CRM database and boosting through social media.

Pre-Marketing Property Visits

Before we get going on any marketing, unless in exceptional circumstances, we will endeavour to visit before anything is put out on your behalf. This way we know everything is accurate and truthful, so all viewers know exactly what to expect when they arrive.

We accompany 100% of viewers

Our best agents are present at all viewings, and we are known for being very personable and approachable. This helps any potential buyers to feel at home during the viewing, and comfortable asking any questions that they wouldn’t be able to ask a less welcoming agent. We pursue feedback from all viewers within 24 hours and ensure all of this is passed onto you.

Help with your onward purchase

Our experience means we can formulate offers on your behalf that are likely to be accepted or negotiated with below the asking price. This consistently saves our clients thousands of pounds.

Our Promise

Our promise when instructed is that our whole team will be absolutely dedicated to selling your home quickly, easily and at a price you are very happy with. We never set unrealistic targets, and price well ensuring that our agents spend less time talking about price, and more time talking to buyers about their offers.

Tips For Selling Your Home

Kerb Appeal

Getting the first impression right is key. When a potential buyer arrives at your house it is important that the first thing they see is tidy, clean and impressive. There are some simple things you can do to increase your kerb appeal, such as ensuring there are no weeds or overgrown bushes, tidying fascias and gutting and decluttering front gardens. For more tips, get in touch! 

Welcoming Fragrances

When a potential buyer comes into your property, it is important that the space is somewhere that they can envisage themselves living in. Welcoming fragrances make the space seem more ‘homely’ and create an atmosphere that is more likely to make viewers see themselves living in your home.


This is a very important part! Each room in your house needs to be clear, light and appear spacious. This gives the viewer the opportunity to see the room in their minds eye, and allows them to have a much clearer view of how they could make the space their own.

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