I want to be a consultant…

  • 9 years ago
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Having read a recent Mail Online article about the expected surge in the housing market, I have decided that I now want to be a consultant.  The article quotes the experts from Fathom Consulting – whoever they may be – who now predict that the average home in the UK could cost £300,000 due to price inflation caused by the Government’s home buying scheme.  These consultants are very keen to use sound bites such as, “reignite the housing market bubble”, (I would love to know how you reignite a bubble).  What the £$!K are they talking about?  Why don’t we just wait and see what happens when the scheme is launched in January 2014 and let us report what actually has taken place as opposed to what the consultants have chosen to predict.  Even though these predictions if true would be advantageous to estate agents, I have not yet placed my order for my Mercedes SEL.

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