The important questions of the week…

  • 8 years ago
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The last week, nay the last 48 hours, have thrown up some life-changing questions that demand an attempt at being answered.  To begin:

1. Chantelle, Kimberley, Taylor-May, Shannon, Kylie or perhaps following that other ‘royal’ couple, the Kardashians, could it be one of the points on a compass?  The newest princess on the block is awaiting a name.  I think that ‘South’ Wales has a certain je ne sais quoi, although one of her middle names being Pontnewydd or Pantygasseg might be pushing it and the Royal Mint could throw something of a hissy fit.

2. Was ‘The Fight of the Century’ fixed? Already the t’internet is full of videos claiming to provide irrefutable evidence that the Mexican had to lose.  Pacquiao’s camp are (some may say understandably), calling foul on the points decision.  This one will run for longer than it took to get the fight staged in the first place.

3.  Ed Miliband’s Charlton Heston, tablet of stone.  Words fail me and it has to be said most of the journalists who were there at the unveiling. In crossing the divide of the eons of time-with a biblical theme meeting that most modern of phenomena-text speak, I ask succinctly, WTF?

Further down the list of imponderables and not accruing anywhere near the column inches or pontificating is whether the election has caused  a “slump in the housing market” as was claimed in various media outlets in the past seven days.  According to data collated from the likes of Zoopla, Foxtons and the NAEA, there are on average 23 less people registered as house hunters per branch of estate agent.   This is data taken from the same source that states that on average there are 343 house hunters registered in each of these branches.  Forgive my impertinence, but if an ‘average’  estate agency has 343 individuals registered as ‘looking to buy’ I would opine that they are not doing their job particularly well.  Of this 343, there would be about 50 who are classed as ‘hot’ (stop sniggering at the back), who are ready to go and buy a property.  Without straying too far into corporate territory, the 343 claim is on a par with personnel from market competitors calling vendors and claiming that they have at least 40 people desperate to buy who want to come and view the property on Saturday.  In all such instances, I advise the vendors to politely ask the breathless negotiator to name them.

Yes, things are a little quieter at the moment than perhaps expected or in comparison to 2014.   By this, I mean the number of times that the phone rings during the course of the working day. What differs here at Cheshire & Co is that-unlike Foxtons who reported a drop in the first quarter’s turnover for 2015, compared to 2014-we have seen an increase in turnover. Is this due to more efficient working practices, luck or GC’s new Kier Starmer-esque quiff…?

Finally, a question that will be answered by next weekend and the last frenzied days of political campaigning. Friday is traditionally moving day in the property world; who will be moving house this Friday?


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