A picture paints a thousand words…

  • 7 years ago
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Back in the day when I got my first job in estate agency some 40 years ago, (I know, I know, Dorian Gray has nothing on me), my old boss used to tell me to ensure that the details that I was dong that day should be the best set that I had ever produced. Unless, I had the right house in the right street at the right price; then he advised the minimalist approach of “House for Sale” and leave it at that. It took some kahunas and a fair amount of wringing of sweaty paws, but it worked.

Why do I reminisce about these days, (apart from the fact that I had hair)? Well because I have noticed a trend emerging in the NP postcode of fellow agents using very scant details which involve a brief overall description and then room sizes only. Quite frankly, an “absolute bloody shower” to quote one of my role models, Mr Terry Thomas and my old boss would be somewhat unimpressed. But, much as it pains me to see shoddy work (ladies, if you are going for surgical enhancement, don’t go Central European, they never look quite as good), I have had two separate viewings this week where on both occasions the potential buyers said, “the rooms are very small aren’t they?” Resisting the urge to reply with, “they are exactly the same f£$*ing size as they say on the details”, I suggested that we take a look at the said details and check the room sizes listed. Both parties nonchalantly informed me that, “We only look at the photos”. Okey fricking dokey.

In the era that we dwell everything is available on a hand held device and is immediately accessible. Bright, shiny, pretty pictures for all to see. The lesson? Make sure that your pictures are the best that they can possibly be and that may mean that the agent-however much he fancies himself as the next Patrick Demarchelier-is not the best person to take them. In fairness, many NP agents do outsource their pictures and many charge you extra for the privilege of their incompetence! You can see the results online-just as the thousands of potential purchasers are able to do. This includes the online agents where some of the pictures seem to have been taken by my grandson. But there is no margin in the cheap upfront fees charged by the onliners to do anything than use the old box brownie

What have I learned this week from my experience? Confirmation that my old boss was on the money. The right house in the right street at the right money will sell, don’t bother with all the writing. When an agent and vendor work together to market a property at its most attractive (including the price) to potential purchasers, then there is no need for gimmicks. Sometimes I miss the good old days, not least the need to buy shampoo.

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