Tis the season….

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…of  The Strictly Come Prancing Grand Final, dodgy jumpers, realisation of why one never sees certain members of one’s family the rest of the year, people photocopying their nether regions at the office Christmas party and lists.  For some reason yet to be determined by medical research, the final death throes of the current year (working by the Gregorian calendar) generate a litany of lists of, who has done what, who will do what in the coming months, who will do whom, you get the picture…  In keeping with this ‘tradition’, here at Cheshire and Co we have compiled our own list for 2013, looking forward to 2014.   In no particular order and with only a slight nod in the general direction of the property world, here for your perusal, contemplation and discussion:

1. How will the introduction of plastic bank notes affect Nigella and will the drinking straw container in her local McDonald’s deplete overnight?

2.  Is there any one in Cwmbran, nay the universe who doesn’t know that I have been ill?  If not, why not?

3.  If our Lord Sweet Baby Jesus was to arrange a second coming, would he get the same amount of press coverage as the death of Nelson Mandela?

4.  How did Andy Murray win Sports’ “Personality” of the Year?

5.  Will Flavia see the error of her ways and perform for me… on Strictly Come Dancing?

6.  Did Ronnie Biggs have a train set as a kid and if so did it have a Walschaerts gear mechanism? (Come on all you train spotters).

7.  Should I ring Kylie back or just send her a text telling her to stop pestering me?

8. Will vendors ever start listening to the experts?

9. When will people realise that there is no such thing as a free lunch?

10.Will Spurs ever win anything?

11. Will Shane and Liz get back together? If not, will he go back to looking like a fully heterosexual man as opposed to a life size version of Ken and more importantly, will Liz give me a ring?

12.  Will all the virgins in Cwmbran have to move next year’s Christmas party from a phone box to a room of a Westbury starter home?

13. Will the housing market stabilize, boom or stagnate and will I be writing this next year from my villa in Marbs or my caravan in Treco Bay?


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